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2021 Cooking Experiences

This past year has changed the way we do so many things. COVID-19 and the restrictions it’s caused have meant we have all had to learn to adapt in one way or another. In light of this, I too am changing the way I approach hosting Seasonal Mary: Learn to Lunch cooking classes and experiences.


In 2021, I have decided to put more of a focus on tailoring my classes to each individual group. I will be putting up fewer set class dates, but instead encourage you to curate your own experience. You choose your friends, what you’d like to learn about, what you want to eat, and when. I’ll organise the rest. All you need to do after that is just show up and have fun!


Ultimately, I hope to host more personalised and engaging experiences, whilst taking into consideration best practices for everyone’s health and wellbeing. As always, the recipes will be simple, tasty, seasonal and easy to replicate at home.


To get in contact and organise your next cooking experience click here.

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