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Gluten and Dairy Free Master Recipes

Despite having no food intolerances in my home, I regularly enjoy cooking gluten and dairy free meals. They can be a great way to incorporate more vegetables and fibre into our diets. 


Fortunately, today you can readily find packaged alternatives for most dietary needs in supermarkets and health food stores. Whilst these are great to have on hand, there are simple, tasty alternatives that can easily be done at home; and of course nothing beats a home cooked meal. I don’t think of this as gluten or dairy free cooking. It's just delicious whole food to be enjoyed.

Class entails:

  • Groups of 4 - 6 people.

  • Morning tea on arrival.

  • Gathering of fresh garden produce.

  • Hands on cooking with take home recipes.

  • All culminating in us enjoying the meal we've prepared together in a lovely light filled conservatory, overlooking kitchen garden.

Mary’s enthusiasm for great food and company made the day an exceptional experience. Her expertise in the kitchen meant that I learnt to cook some delicious meals that I have since replicated at home.

     - Michael

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