From Everyday Meals to Dinner Parties

I believe that cooking a meal to share is a daily task but should not be a chore. You only need a little confidence which comes from a good starting point – a good recipe and a sprinkling of inspiration. I start by finding a good simple recipe. I don’t like hard to source ingredients. Items easily found in your pantry or sourced from the local butcher, supermarket or farmers’ market. I follow the instructions to the letter. After practicing a few times, then I vary the recipe and play with flavours, always influenced by the season’s produce.

My aim is to arm you with a few key recipes that you can whip up easily using pantry staples, changing a couple of ingredients depending on what the season is producing. With a few clever presentation tricks a simple meal can not only be tasty but look impressive.

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Had a great time with Mary at her From Everyday Meals to Dinner Parties class. Was great to learn different ways of preparing various dishes, and how little changes here and there can transform a meal. I loved it and I’m sure the rest of the class did too."    

     - Sebastian