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Tastes of Asia

There are few things better than enjoying a fresh, flavoursome meal. With its many varying cultures and cooking traditions, Asian cuisine provides countless delicious options you can prepare in your own kitchen. It’s also a great option for those with certain dietary restrictions, as most Asian food is usually gluten and dairy free. 


This class will teach three important skills that underpin many Asian dishes. Cooking beautiful fluffy rice, the trick to perfect noodles, and poaching gorgeous, succulent chicken. You will also learn how to make dumplings, fried rice and Vietnamese salad


Class entails:

  • Groups of 4 - 6 people.

  • Morning/afternoon tea on arrival.

  • Gathering of fresh garden produce.

  • Hands on cooking of beautiful Asian dishes with take home recipes.

  • All culminating in us enjoying the meal we've prepared together in a lovely light filled conservatory, overlooking kitchen garden.

Mary's a wonderful and knowledgeable lady, who's an absolute joy to spend time with. Book in with Mary to learn some fantastic skills and enjoy a sensational lunch in a BEAUTIFUL location.

     - Ellen

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