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About Mary

One of my favourite parts of any day is going out to the garden to gather a few herbs to add to my cooking. The other is sitting around the table with my family and friends to enjoy a meal. The opportunity to connect with each other is so important. These shared experiences are one of the best chances we have to bond. The perfect opportunity to enrich both our souls and stomachs.


I believe that preparing and enjoying a meal is one of the true joys in life. However, with the plethora of information out there and our increasingly busy lives, some of us have forgotten how easy a simple, seasonal meal can be. Through the experience of one of my classes, my aim is to allow you to take a step back from everyday life, and invigorate your relationship with cooking. With minimum effort, we can all prepare a delicious meal to share with our loved ones.


My classes are set in a lovely home styled environment, where I share my skills and treasured recipes. Ultimately culminating in a beautiful, tasty lunch, overlooking the kitchen garden.

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